Asgen Agriculture carries out the production of open pollinated vegetables, hybrid corn and sunflower seeds with its own resources, thus secures the quality of production. 

The quality which is crucial for Asgen Agriculture interms of both production and seed processing, is constantly improved by following the latest advancements in technology and quality standards are raised to higher levels consistently. Asgen Agriculture has become one of the leading solution partners of the multinational companies in seed production with its high quality production of hybrid corn and sunflower seeds and diligence at work.  The secret of success in seed production lies not in customer satisfaction being a target, but a company culture.  Fertilizer production that began at the beginning of 2009 is growing day by day. The company has also targeted to be an expert in plant feeding products with increase in both product range and its capacity.  With its success in fertilizer production Asgen Agriculture has gained the well-deserved admiration of our dealers and farmers.

Asgen Tarım Ticaret A.Ş.