About Us


ASGEN AGRICULTURE, who works vigorously inproduction, breeding and marketing of field crops and vegetable seeds throughout Turkey, has started working on different activities regarding fertilizer production and marketing. 

Established in 1993, the company first started growing potato seeds then launched Turkey’s first private tissue culture lab, a first commercial lab in this genre, in 1994. Asgen Agriculture involved in production, breeding and marketing of field crops and vegetable seeds to its activity fields in 2003, and added fertilizer production in 2009. Asgen Agriculture, who started breeding vegetable seeds with two projects that are backed by TUBITAK in Antalya, proceeds these activities in other genres as well. Alongside breeding activities, Asgen Agriculture is following state-of-the-art technology in the world and enhancing the R&D activitiesby collaborating with the most elite independent plant breeders and research institutes in the world.  It conducts the marketing of the varieties that are derived from these activities in Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and Balkan countries under the brand of ASGEN.  Thanks to its high accumulation of knowledge and experienced employees, it carries out hybrid corn seed production on behalf of the world’s leading seed growing companies and derives profit for ourcountry’s economy by processing them in modern facilities in Balıkesir. 


By increasing fertilizer production at the end of 2009 which started at the beginning of 2009, Asgen Agriculture has proven that previously imported fertilizers can be produced in desired quality in Turkey.  With its headquarters in Istanbul, Asgen Agriculture owns a 100 hectare production farm that is used for the production of vegetable seed and breeding trials in Balıkesir, and a Biotechnology lab and several breeding greenhouses in Antalya for the purpose of carrying out breeding activities.

Asgen Tarım Ticaret A.Ş.